ecd-sign multimedia design

Social Media Advertisign Campaign
London, 2017

CUSHN approached ecd-sign with a simple video editing request.
In return ecd-sign proposed an extra in the work requested: turn the video editing into a Social Media advertising campaign.

Throughout the brand’s launch month, weekly social media videos introduce the company’s ethos and product range, inviting them to visit CUSHN’s website and view the full length video.

Comprising of the original requested full length video plus three short (15 second) video teasers, an original track was created to match the video action. The song was in return remixed to have an individual track for each piece, unifying the campaign while giving individual identity to each video.
A change of colours plus the audio remixes work together to solidify the identity, providing different footage to promote the brand whilst keeping unity throughout the campaign, without boring the target audience as a single video on regular rotation would.

Social media campaigns: A clever investment in promotion

The drive-to-web campaign aims at maximising the reach on potential new customers.
There has never been a better access to advertisement within reach of small businesses and entrepreneurs.
Working with social media tools is within easy access for anyone with an idea or a product to promote.
Maximise the outcome of the campaign and keep an accurate monitoring through statistics: tracking the campaign’s efficiency helps adjusting what, where and if when needed, may it be the platforms utilised or the mix and timing of launches, all elements become more easy to pinpoint.
And you'll be pleased to learn how little it costs.
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