ecd-sign multimedia design
Quanta Set, by Blair Zaye

Audiovisual + Interactive
London, 2016

Audiovisual, reactive-interactive installation for Blair Zaye's Quanta Set.

Using two parallel, simultaneous projectors covering a wide space, while one camera acts as the Eye and returns the visitor-interactor's ‘aura’ into the set.

Visuals from the eye outwards to the Quanta waves react to sound (music on this example) and to people's presence (on the final version concept). The presence of an entity [person] returns Quanta sounds from a motion/UV sensor (responding to music on this studio demo) which propagate according to their level intensity, and the closer the entity[person] gets to the eye, the more intense the Quanta sounds become therefore the waves expand further onto the set.

If one person moves around they see their aura projected as the eye sees them, and their location makes variations in the sounds creating unique audiovisual results - more people, more auras and sound.

Quanta Set view
Masking strip by strip
Frame by Frame animation on AfterEffects
Shots of the animation in action
Mapping the set